1. Fix Faded photos

  2. Fix Colour Cast

  3. Removing Dust, Spots, and Texture

  4. Repair Damaged and Torn Photos

  5. Remove Unwanted People or Objects

  6. Black & White to Sepia

  7. Colour Change

You Should See The Tears Of Joy And Satisfaction On A Loved One's Face When They See An Old Family Photo Restored, Repaired And Brought Back To Life Once Again!

Many of us have precious photos of ancestors where the images could be 100 years old or more.  

The problem is some of the old photographs maybe faded or torn, some stained, some have parts missing.

Now we can bring them into the 21st Century. Old torn or faded damaged photographs can be scanned digitalised.

These photographs are then all restored back to life in photoshop, and made to look more like the original images.

Then the magic really starts. All your restored images are stored on CD or DVD ROM for you to view on a PC, Mac or TV in a slideshow. You can share them with friends and family on Flikr or Facebook or other Social Media Sites. You can make new reprints or new creations such as calendars with them 

My name is Reg Button and I’ve been restoring and repairing photos for many years. I have spent countless hours in front of the iMac restoring and retouching photos. Friends call me the photoshop wizard. 

Photo restoration is an interest and a hobby that has grown into a passion for me and it can be very rewarding. You should see the look on some peoples faces when they see an old family photo brought to life once again. Tears of joy are not unusual!

Here’s a comparison between other photo restoration services and myself, just to give you a picture of the choices you have.

An Average to Good Photo Restoration Service charge between £20 to £30 for a photo restoration (Discounts with Volume). When you consider the time involved as a photo has to be individually scanned (preferably) at 600 dpi or at least 300 dpi. Then the work commences on a Apple iMac in Adobe photoshop. Some jobs can be minor retouching whilst some need cloning work. On average 2 hours from start to finish.

Low End Photo Restoration Service

Generally these companies outsource the restoration of your photos to workers in India and other third world countries.

You don’t know what your photo are being used for, i.e identity theft etc..

Your photos are in safe hands with me. A back up is only kept for 30 days. When I am absolutely sure that you are 100% satisfied, they are then deleted.


So you get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money refunded.

If for any reason you are not happy with our service, and not completely delighted with the work I have done, simply let me know and I'll try and resolve the issue by doing further work to correct the problem or I will refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED


07983 553 983



You Can Either Post Or Upload Your Photos To Me Or If You Live In These Areas I Can Collect Your Photos From You.

  1. Colchester

  2. Clacton On Sea

  3. Harwich

  4. Ipswich

  5. Mersea Island

  6. Tiptree

  7. Maldon

  8. Witham